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Healthcare E-commerce

A significant portion of the Healthcare Industry revenue is lost to escalating healthcare system costs. Costs of Healthcare are increased due to the inefficient distribution of healthcare products via chain of middlemen. Also the complexity of the supply chain increases the logistics costs which in turn increases the cost to consumers. Due to the complexity of the supply chain there is a growing concern of product adulteration or substandard product being passed on to the consumers via the middlemen. There is a growing need to omit these middlemen and allow the consumers to purchase healthcare products directly from authentic healthcare providers. E-commerce has the ability to allow healthcare businesses transact more efficiently and cost-effectively. With the Internet as an order booking and delivery platform, this model offers much improvement over the current scenario.

We at eHealthworks via tonickart.com are committed to offer superior quality healthcare products at reasonable values to our customers with the additional ease of shopping from anywhere on the go.

At Tonickart.com, we have developed a fully integrated e-commerce platform, where we retail quality health care products and health care services to our customers at reasonable value.

The online platform of Tonickart.com is also integrated with a consultation module where the customers can take the assistance of experienced healthcare advisers before buying any product or services online thus allowing for informed decision making before healthcare purchases.

Tonickart.com also allows for buying prescription medicines online via uploading your prescription in our online prescription fulfilment module.

Our integrated e-commerce platform with our superior and low cost logistic division allows the consumers to avail their required healthcare products at their doorstep with convenience.

Log on to www.tonickart.com to buy your desired healthcare products and services today and avail attractive discounts.

eHealthworks Biz Pvt. Ltd. aims at providing quality and economical healthcare products and services online.

Quality and customer satisfaction are the two core pillars of our philosophy. The other two pillars are innovation and global impact.

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